Monthly Archives: November 2013

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Finger In The Current

That sculpture of Reuben Margolin’s, holy ha.  Channeled, it makes me want to run into the studio and bring my work to its highest self, too.

It is looking for motion and I am offering it, beginning to offer it, in three formats: motorized movement of the sculpture; lights rigged to move along the piece in order to make moving shadows; and the optics, which for reasons high or low read as movement to me.  moving the photons, re-arranging them, their flow, is it moving water to stick one’s finger in the current?

Back to the eyes. The optics, the eyes, I tell the piece not to play dumb with me, I know they’re the same thing, I feel in my mind for my box of little lenses, for how I will mount them.  I have much to consider. What is the pattern of the movement?   I ordered two motors of course because there has to be one for me to play with as well.  And the optics, the eyes, including the shark eyes and the whale eyes.