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 shadows at Everlightsshadows at EverlightsDanaMajor shadows

Here comes the first hot day in this primo new studio.  Extra busy but with surprisingly lots of space between to breathe slowly and stare out the window checking in with my skin to feel the temperature rising.

The materials have me.  not the words, anyway what would I say, o my god I have finally weakened again to the compulsion to write?  We open our hands, don’t we, we open our empty hands and blow the imaginary mists away to reveal ourselves, Presto! Empty-handed,

the open edge for to chop down the mountain.  i make for myself the jimi aspect remind me I am a creator, how after practicing I can hear through recorded music, across time and space, and I can bring this a little closer, with breath with presence, I make a Fortune environment ready to install… meditations… installations,

I came to the studio today for the slow space between the doings, the circuits and the optics, the communications and presentations, the places, because this is the practice, the places I put my mind, on what I can’t read, like sheet music, and x-rays.

I am reminded that giant matrices are possible with very little material.  The photons do the making. The pink matrix had a tiny, two-part body, and six count ’em only 6 emitters.  and here I am dealing with glass walls so looking at shadow and light on glass, not first rodeo, show me show me show me, refleXtion and setting, there will be a full matrix and optics in the studio as well as Matrix for S Event.  I must right away get curator a line or 2, and

ottomans, sitting, tea, the crystal ball, real conversation.  Fortune Telling in the Matrix.  preparation, creation thoughts prayer and meditation I open the channels wider, which is an elusive, almost imaginary feeling, like listening harder.