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303 times

Dana Major Baby Moon hub cap


my mind made shadows of the music, with sonic burrs, and detailed undersides.  it’s time to be making.

Dana Major tent tour a

the strategic reason to stay in the present moment is that it’s smaller than the Past and Future, which have to be stuffed all fluffy back into the Now from which they sprang.

In the Now, less can happen, it’s like the fast lane.  less going on.  and faster.

Dana Major on the roads again

Dana Major tent tour 7

in order to keep myself in meditation, I go all the way inside, past where anyone can see, and I start with the light in there to build my vision.

Dana Major tent tour 3

rain means change.

Dana Major tent tour b

i had gotten a bottle of jasmine oil, which is not like new age spa essential floral oils.  This jasmine is the mid-century exotic chinese tincture type – use unclear – the tiniest bottle with threaded glass neck, real working screw top, and embossed red and gold foil label almost all the way unpeeled from the bottle.  the jasmine is pungent, and even difficult, musty with a curse,  pulling sweeter as it thins.

Dana Major tent tour 6

303 times

don’t answer it

Dana Major wakey machine

I looked into my personal crystal in the light of the computer screen. At first beautiful and new, and then the possibilities of energy pressed at my curiosity and I put the quartz down, away from the screen. I’m not prepared to be turned into a newt or whatever is next.  what, the crystal projects on the back of my mind, you thought I was only good for ten years?

I used the quartz crystal before, and then I didn’t use the quartz crystal, and now I do again

to materialize what is dematerial

the radiant

what we want is free


… and eerily, that’s it, the rest of the book is blank

Dana Major tent tour 5


Dana Major U.S. Playing Card Company


instead of finding the shift-alt-f keystroke three-step that deposits the infinity symbol onto the screen, i pick up the laptop, and turn it sideways with both hands like a centerfold or a square steering wheel, just to see the sideways8.  Machine responds,

i can see

my rainbow calling me

through the mystery

of my waterfall



for a million days

fall with me for a million days

o my waterfall


nothing can go wrong