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Anchoring the works to the ceiling, and engineering a rickity-crink way they get moved – because they can’t move themselves, they have to get moved, 1-800-Prime-Mover, the only overlooked point

Let’s start with crystal.  The two types of crystal featured in my work are not related in any way, other than in the word.  Crystal like chandelier droplet and wine goblet quiveringly thin beyond measure, the kind that rings a cosmic aria when tapped in ceremony or rung with a wine-slick fingertip.  The crystal bowl that I ring in Seeing, and bohemian domestic glass, all crystal so named for the clarity brought to the glass by the use of lead.  lead crystal.  Now we don’t need lead anymore to create focus in glass.  We only need global suppliers of endless manufactured items including every crystal doodad and precious gift and Vegas cruise ship art glass installation. manmade crystal

and natural crystal, arrangements of molecules and atoms and ions in quartz, salt, snowflakes, diamonds, the mathematical attractions of minerals, and the lattices they create in additional, bonus dimensions.