dana major, chicago artist, light art, led art, crystal seeing

put it in EVERYTHING

The work is rigorous, it takes me through boot camp for fools, so fast and making it up as I go along that I don’t have a moment to inquire that surely it has the wrong artist.  I open my mouth to begin, and it says, “put it in EVERYTHING”  by way of the filing/saving screen suggesting a location folder named EVERYTHING for the new document.

Muse makes me look again at my photos, this time scattered on the screen, which worketh for me so, and I see I see I see the seeing of the butterfly wing and the light on the screen, and I also see the future, the constructed, the made world the shadows addressing made scapes.

I frequently find the new diving site in the very last moment of the prior work.  This shadow and light scape in the sliver in the middle was created as a very last minute’s last impulse quick addition without much weighing.  It  even involved on the last morning of installation, a last moment steering wheel jockeying to get into the American Science and Surplus parking lot in my go-kart in the squeaky cold snow, where the second-to-last thing I grabbed was a stack of 5 3” circular mirrors, all shabby on the edges and pick the best ones out of the bin with your bare fingers.  The very last thing I grabbed, the thing that grabbed me by the coat hood and yanked me back into the store after I had paid, gathered myself, and taken three steps away from the cashier, the very last thing was the question from my lips, ‘do you have a crystal ball?’  I had to back up when she said yes.

The last aspect I did on the wall of what-is-supposed-to-go-there that stayed blank behind my scaffold for the week.  The mirror was the very last thing.  Its suspension system was divined by way of making wire-work fun of fancy eyeglasses like the kind some architects wear, with the little bitty cables and cool near-invisibility, the specs with the hermeneutical implications.  I had to get the ties really tight and I could already hear the ticking high heels of the curator in the hallway. So I visualized the eyeglasses, their spare, silvery intensity, and indeed the spirit of them obliged generously.